Hello world, im back….. kinda

Well. I logged in to check something and noticed the migration to wordpress was possible, and thought it would be rude not to. So here I am.

Its been almost exactly two years I think since the last entry here, and a lot has changed. No great news to report, well I guess mum still being with us could be heralded as fantastic news, certainly is to me. However there are more twists in the past 2 years than a winding mountain road. Illness, operations is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a quick catch up. I have put some weight back on after all my efforts of weight loss, mainly due to decent stresses. I am still with my girlfriend Chantal, 8 years in March. Mum is still with us, and following a mastectomy she was further diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. My aunt in Wales also now has breast and bone cancer. My oldest friend was killed in a motorcycle accident last July (7/7). My sister has had 2 more children, and my daughter turns 16 on Feb 10th (happy birthday for then Sian)

For the rest of it, well its all over on Blogger.com . www.michaelsnasdell.blogspot.com to be precise.

I will however be back over here from time to time to check in and update. This blog was my first, so I will never abandon it totally.

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