Some people eh, take too much to heart!

Well its true isn’t it. Without saying another word on the matter, my job is done.
Moving on..
Another fun filled day, dogs sorted by the first thing this morning, and then it was hospital time.
After some delays in the waiting room, as expected I guess, mum was seen. From what the consultant says he is pleased with the progress. Far from out of the water, but he says progress is being made. No appointments with that consultant for 3 months now. However there is still the other doctor at Guys who she is still under.
There are more appointments there in the coming weeks and months, and treatment including the next bout of radiotherapy are yet to come.
Either way her spirits are lifted and she is happy, so thats got to be a good thing.
I however have a couple of appointments in the coming week, for my poorly arm, and to see when the next surgery will be. 2 hospitals, 2 days, and a lot of time at work lost, which is a real pain in the arse I have to say.
In the meantime, Sian I hear you say. Well……… nothing. There is nothing to tell at this stage, no reply to the message sent. But as soon as there is something, you know me, I will post everything there is to know.
So an easier nights sleep tonight for me, with one less immediate worry. But there is always something to replace the last worry, we all know that eh.
Til next time….. try not to take life too seriously, and remember, words are only words, its the punch in the eye that hurts in reality.
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