The end of a day, and the brain is settling

Well, its the end of an uneventful day the truth be known. The afternoon spent at work, doing an average job, with some less than average people. A few gems amongst them though.
But it has given me time to breathe, reflect, and most of all calm myself down a bit by means of distraction.
There is a limit to the amount of good fresh air, and walking the dogs can do you. And sadly having all that time, thinking hard, and talking to yourself are 2 of the things I find myself doing most when walking the dogs. So not the best medicine when you have a lot on.
I think I have gone through about every variable possible so far, what can be said, what was said, what happened and could yet happen. I have played out many scenes in my mind, but im sure at the end of it there still remains a curve ball and a suprise in there somewhere. This is life we are talking about after all.
A little time spent on Friends Reunited making my profile readable, and hopefully some how warming should it be read by Sian’s mum. Maybe she will read this instead, who knows eh. Either way, I am trying right now to reach out in as many ways possible, without over doing it. To be available, approachable, and most of all trying to be myself.
Like I say, thanks to the train of thought calling at all stations today, the panic which was hounding me has slipped away. However I get the impression that the train of thought is actually running on the Circle Line, and will call at all the same stations again and again, for some time yet.
Until then, I will be taking baby steps, not over reaching or trying to run with anything. Just keeping it simple, and starting each day with a little hope, and ending each day with a little prayer.
Take care, back soon.
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