Back from the hospital with the results.

Right, here goes, an update as promised.
After a short time alone with the consultant (and bank of students) the nurse came out and called me in.
Running through a few things in the process, and requesting my contact details to ensure they can contact someone about treatment and follow ups.
While describing what the situation was, I could see my mum beside me getting very irrate, and I would say upset about the whole matter. Clearly I got the impression that some of the stuff he was saying was things she would not have told me if left to her own devices.
Confirming and explaining that there were positive results for cancer on both sides. One side, the one she knew about, being of the wrong type to treat with tablets or simple drugs, and indeed chemo is the only option for it. However the chemo is for pacing purposes and comfort, not for total treatment and elimination of the condition. It seemed clear early on the idea was extension of life expectancy,and quality of life, and not total irradication of the cancer.
This I guess is something I was sort of expecting to hear anyway, but maybe a little stunned at actually hearing it.
The other lump is another matter, and believed to be a slightly different form that may be completly treatable with the use of drugs. MAY being the key word here, so ho high hopes just yet.
Suprisingly after filling me in on the info, the Dr went on to say my mother has agreed to "try" chemo out. I looked at her on hearing this, and got the impression she had "agreed" under duress, and is still not convinced about it. Refusing to take any leaflets or info packs on the recommended treatment, saying knowing the facts will put her off.
When we got out of there and I started the usual "normal" conversation, allowing her to bring the topic up, she mentioned he had been very blunt about the matter and suggested the options were simple. Give Chemo a shot, or there is a very high chance of a very painful death. In fact little chance of just "slipping away" as she seems to be under the impression that she can.
She seems in fair spirit, but its clear that its really starting to get through to her now what the road ahead looks like. Naturally she is putting on a brave face. Im not about to shatter that picture for her, and will give all the support I can, while trying to keep her facing in the right direction.
Investigation work starts this week at Lewisham Hospital, and treatment starts as soon as next week at Guys. Depending of course if she does not have a change of heart by then.
Right, bit drained right now, lots to think about, so will pop back later with some more info and thought.
Thanks for reading.
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One Response to Back from the hospital with the results.

  1. Jason says:

    My thoughts are with you, your mum and the family mate.  Glad to hear it sounds like she\’s giving treatment a chance even if not completely convinced.  I went through this over the last couple of years with my nan so I know roughly what you\’re going through, though being your mum I\’m sure its a million times worse.  If you need anything give me a call.

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