Tues 4th March 2008

That is the date that my mum has her follow up appointment at Lewisham Hospital for her breast cancer diagnosis.
Tomorrow actually.
I am hoping some test results will be back by then, to give an indication as to how far advanced things are. What type of cancer it is, and the possibilities and options of treatment.
Since writing the first entry about the confirmation, I have been astounded by the feedback, so thank you everyone for sharing your stories and advice. As well as kind words of support and well wishers.
Right now I am not only thinking about me and my mum, but also the others out there going through the same thing. I was shocked at how busy the clinic was last week. And can only imagine that a large percentage are starting the long journey, as we are.
So to anyone out there at the beginning with us…..
Be strong, stand tall and face this head on with the aggression and determination of a gladiator. Its not over til its over, and there are so many options and chances out there. If you are in a position of support as I am, remember, you are their strength right now, their sense of reason, and the calming influence through the worst of times. Your place is by their side, for the good and bad times. The keeper of the smile, and the source of sunlight during dark times.
Keep shining that light of hope for them, and guide them through this journey. Then, once at the other side, embrace what remains with open arms.
I shall update tomorrow when I know more. In the meantime, stay strong all.
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