First day of a new phase in the diet

Bring on the protein!
I marked the occasion with a chicken shish kebab from my favorite shop. The thought of one has been torturing me for weeks now, so thats a craving dealt with.
So from today on, its 3 food packs a day and 1 portion of protein per day. So I can have a chicken breast, tin of tuna or a piece of fish. What a bonus.
Im yet to see what impact that has on the weight loss, we shall see and I will keep you updated. Matt eats one day on one day off, so if the loss goes, I may do the same.
Even though I have eaten, today I have not gained. But weighing today is a bad idea as I did not go to bed til about 7am, so body is a bit messed up. Not going to eat again today, just stay on the shakes and soups. Although I missed my morning drink as I didnt get up til 11. So a messy day to say the least.
Tomorrow, we shall see what happens.
In a weeks time we fly off to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, so I will be eating there too. So a good time to try and get some food inside of me.
So tomorrow, back on my timed schedule, back getting exercise at the right times and durations, and in a day or2 I can actually pay attention to what the scales are saying again.
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One Response to First day of a new phase in the diet

  1. Dawn says:

    Really proud of ya mister, after seeing the proof of the pudding so to speak (or lack of lol), I\’m really impressed!
    D x

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