Oh dear oh dear…

Just back from the doctors, and…….. he has insisted I take 2 weeks off work, which means I am now off work until gone Xmas.
I am being quite sincere when I say I really didnt want the time off. As I have said before, the whole diet thing is a lot easier when I have something to do, rather than sitting around at home, bored.
But, hey ho, what am I to do. Im sitting here now in a back brace to help with posture. Having just got off the phone to Matt, the manager to tell him the bad news.
He seems quite supportive and says to take the full 2 weeks, and not to try and return early. In the meantime, I am continuing physio, and have finally been referred for NHS physio on it too, which should help a LOT with money.
So, now what to do? Im at a loss here already, and I am off for the next 17 days yet!
The worst part is, I cant even do any real exercise, as im in too much pain.
Right, off to drink some water, catch y’all later.
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One Response to Oh dear oh dear…

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi……i\’ve been on Lighter life for 12 weeks now and have lost 4 stone <weighed in tonight> you CAN do it, even if you\’re off work….weekends were always worse for me because of the eating thing BUT it\’s got easier….I\’m not saying it\’s fantastic…..but I get by….and I have a family of 5 to feed……so hang on in there…….you\’ve come this far……..don\’t give up!!
    Boops xxx

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