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Aaaah thats better.

Full of stress from the last week before Xmas, I guess yesterday was probably the worst day I could possibly have received a final rejection letter from the Met, so yesterday it dropped through my letterbox.   Initial reaction.. Aaah … Continue reading

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Well… today was D-Day.

I have been waiting what feels like a life time for this letter to arrive. For those who read a lot, you will know about the Met application, and the initial rejection. Well, today I got the decision on my … Continue reading

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Made a bold decision today…

I have decided to sell my pride and joy Vectra V6. I have owned the car for about 3 years now. One of those typical moments, bought it for 4k, spent about 6k on it, selling it for ……….. 3k … Continue reading

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Please feel free to have your say…

Just a quick few lines to invite people to post comments. Have their say. I get a lot of emails, and IM’s regarding this blog, and would really love people to direct their thoughts and comments to this blog.   … Continue reading

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Its another weekend…. I must stop shopping.

Blimey, in one hand out the other. Got paid yesterday, and spent half of it by today lol. A brief update on me before I waffle on. Been gym all week until Friday, slightly achey knee on Friday, so giving … Continue reading

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Life….how long, how short, how precious?

Strange title, but a simple theme. OK so I am 33 now, thats about the average life span of a person about 2-300 years ago. By 33 I would have had a good innings (unlike England eh!) What the hell … Continue reading

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Eh! What……………… I hear you say.   Well, it is a word and has a meaning. As anyone who has seen Avenue Q will know. For all the humour in the show, I managed to learn one new thing. "schadenfreude". … Continue reading

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